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2912 brighton 12 th street

i m professional

2912 brighton 12 apart 4A

I m professional

8605 Prospect Ave

Im willing to help with furniture load and unloading clean rooms offices

3780 S Elati St

I specialize in painting (indoor/outdoor, prep, dywall, texture etc.) with over 25 years experience in the trade. I can also do a myriad of other handyman services (light plumbing/electrical, remodels, tile installation etc.)

120 raymond ave ap B

I have experience of 5 years general maintenance I do plumbing Painting Plastering Cleaning yard and grasses

22 Timber ln

I’ve been a locksmith and handyman since 2005. I have experience with residential and commercial locks of all types. I can install, repair and do many handyman chores.

2210 Stuart ct

We have been in business since 2012 small family business Started the Company in honor of Shawn father to make a legacy to keeping on growing. Shawn was taught at a young age on how to Remodel his father worked for Michael F. Simon for over 30 years.

Toril, Davao City




124wilkinson street

We do it all HVAC electric Plummer fence fix anything broke ect

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