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in business since 2004 proving residential , small apartment complex and commercial building remodeling and maintenance retired electrical engineer - with minor in mechanical- with over 15 years of remodeling and maintenance experience

I perform handyman tasks in the following areas: Appliance installation and repair Air conditioning repair minor plumbing minor electrical repair drywall repair

I operate under the name Paul Tyrone Design & Innovative Construction. I am personally capable of providing most handy man services. I also utilize a large team of professionals ready and willing to perform any and all of your home improvement needs. I am also an electrical apprentice. I have worked closely with the same Master Electrician on many projects for the last 6 years. My skills include Costruction Consulting as well as Design. Project management is shared by myself as well as my Lead Trades per specialty. I colaberate with the homeowner on all decisions. I am very responsive in regards to homeowner needs and budget requests. I do my best to provide a quality finished project at a fair price.

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